The church of Santa Maria di Monte Santo of the Dominican Fathers (15th century)

This church is situated a few steps from Piazza dell’Antenne, along the steep road leading to the castle, next to the plaque commemorating Stefano Zenari who died at the beginning of the struggle for the unification of Italy.  In May, 1443, Pop Eugene IV granted the Dominicans the opportunity to build a church and convent within the walls of Soave.  It was rebuilt in the same century under the direction of Fra’ Giocondo, who is from Soave according to tradition, and who designed the loggia that bears his name in Piazza dei Signori in Verona.  The inside has a single nave with chapels dedicated to Saint Lucia and Saint Apollonia.  These two saints are also present in many paintings in the Tramigna valley.  The impression the church gives is of sober orderliness.  It was restored between 1984 and 1985, when many of the original frescoes were brought to light again.  The bell tower, with its elegant double windows above which various city and family crests are found, is covered by the original terracotta cupola shaped like a pinecone. The small former convent next to the church now houses the public library and is used as a cultural center for concerts and art exhibitions.