Palazzo di Giustizia (Hall of Justice)

Located in Piazza dell’Antenna, in the heart of the historic center, the Palazzo di Giustizia (Palace of Justice) was erected in 1375, by will of Cansignorio della Scala, who with a decree on January 16th, 1375, installed Pietro Montagna there as rector and captain.  The 22 towns subject to the Captainate of Soave contributed to the building’s construction.  These towns are listed on the plaque, which is the largest stone inscription we have from the Della Scala period.
The building was built in just four months, from April to July, 1375.  It has a loggia with four acute archways decorated with stone relief, and ogive windows.  In the center of the façade is a balcony.  Above this sits a stone statue of the Virgin with the Child on her knees, which likely is from the early 1500s.  On either side are frescoes of Saint Lawrence and Saint John the Baptist.  The inscription beneath the façade’s balcony has both historic and poetic value.  The gothic script is in Latin.  During the restoration work carried out in 1982, the coat of arms of Pietro Montagna, was discovered, carved in stone, and can now be admired in the room behind the balcony.