Palazzo Scaligero (Scaliger Palace) (14th century)

Cansignorio della Scala had this building built in the 14th century, near Porta Aquila.  It was originally was the residence of the magistrates and governors of Soave.  During the Venetian dominion over the region, it became the residence of the captains, the highest local authorities.  This is why the house is also known as Palazzo del Capitano.
The building is at the same time simple and grandiose.  It has a garden behind.  It still has the original layout, with two porticoed wings in an L shape, set back from the street behind a spacious courtyard, which is surrounded by a high wall.  A door opens in the wall, framed with finely decorated stone, either built or renovated in Venetian times.  The palazzo, and the connected Italian-style garden, with its staircase leading to the castle, were donated to the city of Soave by the Zanella family. The whole complex is now home to the Soave city government.  The building was restored between 1982 and 1985, while the staircase to the castle was renovated in 2004.