Porta Verona (Verona Gate)

Porta Verona is the city’s main entrance, the most renowned and architecturally significant of the city’s gates.  When the walls were constructed in 1369 by order of Cansignorio della Scala, the city ran along a main access from Porta Aquila to Porta Verona, one facing the valley to the north, the other opening towards the original Roman road called Via Postumia.

The gate is made up of two main elements:  the defensive tower which was built together with the city walls, and the gate itself, which was added to the front of the structure later.

Above the gate are three coats of arms.  The central one is the symbol of the city of Soave, while those on the sides are the della Scala family crests.  The crenellations on the towers and the gate have a typical swallow tail shape, while those on the walls have a roof shape.