Porta Vicentina (Vicentina Gate)

Like the other gates, Porta Vicentina (of Vicenza) opens through the base of a tower, and like the others it is protected by a double roomed fortification and defensive crenellations above.  Originally it had a portcullis, doors and a drawbridge.

The gate opens into Borgo Covergnino, a pretty neighborhood which probably takes its name from the small convent which used to belong to the Franciscans of the thousand year old San Giorgio church nearby.

On the external false pillars, the della Scala crest can still be made out, despite having been chiseled off.

Porta Vicentina is the only one of the three ancient gates to preserve its full original dimensions. Its tower was renovated in the 1990s.  Restoring the gate’s drawbridge has been discussed for some years, while the walkway along the top of the walls has been restored from the gate to the Church of Dominican Fathers, next to the road which leads to the castle.