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Castelcerino – Church of Santa Maria Maddalena

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From an enviable position at the top of the watershed, Castelcerino dominates the Tramigna and Alpone valleys, where the broadest and most interesting panorama of Soave and the Po plane can be admired. Its name derives from an unknown Icerino (Castrum Ecerini), as shown in a document of 1263. In the past it was a place of prayer, with two monasteries here in the 13th century, but also of war, both in the Venetian and French periods (with the April 30th battle of 1809).
Historical documents attest to the presence of a church here since 1219.
The place of worship was dedicated to Mary Magdalene and served two convents, one for nuns and the other for Priests of the Order of Saint Mark of Mantua.
The church was associated with the monastery of San Leonardo di Verona until the mid-1500s when it became its own parish.
In the 16th century, a new building replaced the original church, dedicated to two bishops of Verona, Saints Nicolòand Alberto. In the 19th century it was rededicated to Saint Mary Magdalene as in the beginning.
Construction of the bell tower began in 1836.
The façade is penetrated by three stained glass windows.
The inside of the church, with a single nave, ends at the presbytery and aps. The church houses a fresco from the 1500s, as well as two wooden statues on either side of the altar of Saint Luigi and Saint Mary Magdalene.
The interior of the church was decorated in 1936 by local painter Rino Saoncella.