The ten wayside shrines

Technical data about the itinerary

Technical data about the itinerary
Difficulty: medium-low
Length: 9.3 km
Time: 2h 30mTime: 2h 30m
Altitude: Maximum 190 m above sea level – minimum 40 m above sea level
Tips: wear appropriate footwear for uneven terrain and clothing suitable for the season.
The route is passable throughout the year. The summer months are the least ideal for doing the walk. Remember in the hottest periods to bring water and hat.
The route traditionally starts from Piazza Venturi in Monteforte d’Alpone. For those in Soave it is recommended to start from Via Bassano at the intersection of the road leading to the castle and Via Monti. Because it is a circular path, it can be taken either direction. See the map for additional information.

The entire route is marked with signs, while other signs bearing the names of the different shrines, as they appear. Starting from Monteforte d’Alpone they are in this order:
1) Madonna with Jesus
2) St. Peter
3) Holy Family (Foscarin shrine)
4) Madonna and Child
5) St. Vincent Ferreri
6) Bassanella
7) St. Joseph
8) Christ on the Cross
9) Regina Pacis (Queen of Peace)
10) San Rocheto

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