The Battle of Castelcerino

The Fourth Napoleonic War erupted through the area east of Verona between April 26th and 30th, 1809, with Napoleon’s army facing off against the troops of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the British. One of the most affected towns was Castelcerino,
the scene of battles between the Austrians and the French-Italian allies, along with Caldiero, Illasi, Cazzano, San Vittore and Fittà. The bloodiest of these battles was fought April 30th at Castelcerino.

Two thousand men were estimated killed or wounded on the French-Italian side alone. In front of Villanova and around Castelcerino lay from 3 to 400 fallen bodies of the Italian Royal Guard. Seven hundred prisoners were taken, including the French general Sorbier.   , who will die after a few weeks.

The imperials lost a total of 1822 men (and 10 horses!).