The Costeggiola Rufiolo

The Rufiolo from Costeggiola is a sort of sweet raviolo, folded into a semi-circle. It has the shape of a rising sun (or of a rooster’s comb) and is made with a filling covered by thin, smooth dough. The filling is made with amaretto cookies, raisins, bread crumbs, meat broth, citrons, almonds, sugar, eggs, pine nuts, rum and nutmeg. The dough is made with flour, eggs, milk and salt. The filling is made first and left to sit for 24 hours. Later, the dough is made and rolled out. Dollops of filling are added and the dough is folded over it, before being cut in the shape of the Costeggiola Rufiolo. Rufiolos are unique, local pastries that should be enjoyed with a glass of Soave Recioto.

Source: Wikipedia