The Della Scala Walls

The walls were built in 1369, during the rule of Cansignorio della Scala. They encircle the city, starting from the two sides of the castle, giving the town its scenic composition, when viewed from afar. Originally, only three gates opened into the city: Porta Aquila to the north (the first document speaking of this gate is from 1374; it was restored in 2008); Porta Vicentina, to the east (restored in 1986); and Porta Verona to the south (restored in 2006), which opens onto Via Roma, the main city street, which leads to the heart of the town.

The walls belong to the city, and their restoration was a textbook undertaking, which was studied in an international summit in 2008. The quality of the work carried out has attracted the attention of superintendents, professionals and international restoration experts.

About the ‘Walk of Ronda’ the stone paving of the wall-walk has been redone, creating steel and wooden railings to give the idea of how it used to be and to allow visits along the wall from the castle to Via Torricella, passing four guard towers with wooden floors.